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If you would like some extra musical resources , please check out "Music at Home" on the Derbyshire Music Education Hub website  https://derbyshiremusichub.org.uk/get-involved/music-at-home/music-at-home.aspx  . There are weekly activities for students of all ages. 


Music Quiz - this is taken from week 2 of the "Music at Home" link above. Some great things in there. Check it out. 


How good is your musical knowledge from A-Z

Grab a couple of sheets of paper and answer these questions, each beginning with a different letter of the alphabet. You might need to do some research.

A – Name 10 bands beginning with A

B – Name 10 female artists who have a letter B in their name

C – Name 10 male artists who have songs with a C in the title

D – Name 10 albums with the letter D in the title

E – Eminem is a rap artist. Can you list the top 10 grossing rap artists

F – Which iconic band was Freddie Mercury the lead singer of? Listen to one of their songs and write a short review. Think about why you like or dislike it, about tempo, lyrics, instruments, structure, dynamics and texture.

G – Name 10 musical words with the letter G in them

H – A Hurdy Gurdy is an uncommon instrument. Can you name 10 more uncommon instruments?

I – Identify 10 different types of drum

J – Identify a few key features that makes traditional Japanese music sound like it does

K – A Kora is the name of an instrument from another culture. Can you name 10 more instruments from around the world?

L – Ludwig Van Beethoven has his 250th Anniversary this year. List 10 things he wrote, and choose one to listen to

M – Minimalism is a style of music. Can you name a minimalist composer?

N – Now That's What I Call Music is currently at it's 105th edition having released compilation albums for years. Can you find out what was the first track from the following albums:
Now 1, 7, 17, 22, 42, 59, 99, 100, 103

O – Name 10 instruments with the letter O in them

P – Pink Floyd were an influential band from the 1960s. Name 10 other bands formed in the 60s. Choose one band, and listen to one of their tracks. Do you like it?

Q – Can you think of a question to ask your music teacher?

R – A recording can sell in many different formats today. Do you know how many sales you need to get in the UK to get a Silver, Gold and Platinum disc?

S – Many modern artists use samples in their music. What are they, and do you think that when they are being used it is still creative? Explain your opinion with an example of a song which uses samples.

T – What is a theramin, and how is it played?

U – Ultravox had a track in 1981 called Vienna. It never made it to number one. Why?

V – Do you have a favourite Music Video? Who is the artist and what is the title?

W – What makes the perfect pop song? Can you list 10 things?

X – A Xylophone is a pitched percussion instrument. Can you name 10 other percussion instruments?

Y – Yodelling is a vocal technique from which country?

Z – Z is for zither - name 5 other central or Eastern European folk instruments









NEDMC challenge - Design a musical themed Easter Egg. 

Below are the winning entries  to the Easter Egg competition.

Congratulations to Bea, Laura and Christina


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